Person Re-Identification

Long-duration tracking of individuals across large sites is a challenge. Trucks of individuals from disjoint fields of view need to be linked, despite the sa...

Activity Recognition

Providing a semantic interpretation of the actions and interactions between the actors in a scene enables behavior analysis for automated decision-making. Th...

Video Tracking

Video tracking is the process of localizing an object in video at every time instant. It is a challenging problem especially when there are multiple objects ...

Dynamic Textures

One of the most important elements of modern Computer Vision is the concept of image texture, or simply texture. Depending on the task at hand (e.g. image-ba...


HAUS Dataset

Repository of the Human Activities Under Surveillance video dataset.


Video Understanding

9 minute read

Video understanding is concerned with the parsing of the image data flow for the semantic understanding of the objects in the scene, but also their actions a...

Human Interactions

2 minute read

Recognizing human interactions from video is an important step forward towards the long-term goal of performing scene understanding fully automatically. Rece...

Transfer Learning from Multiple Sources

2 minute read

Transfer learning allows leveraging the knowledge of source domains, available a priori, to help training a classifier for a target domain, where the availab...

Video Surveillance

7 minute read

Increasingly, large networks of surveillance cameras are employed to monitor public and private facilities. This continuous collection of imagery has the pot...

Aerial Video Analysis

8 minute read

In aerial video moving objects of interest are typically very small, and being able to detect them is key to enable tracking. There are detection methods tha...

People Detection

3 minute read

People detection and tracking in video are fundamental Computer Vision capabilities that still constitute a research challenge. Important difficulties are du...

Dynamic Texture Segmentation

2 minute read

Segmenting the image plane of video sequences is often one of the first steps towards the analysis of video. A lot of effort has been spent on developing ima...

Dynamic Texture Recognition

2 minute read

Recognition of objects based on their images is one of the central problems in modern Computer Vision. Objects can be characterized by their geometric, photo...


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