Object Detection

Object detection consists in automatically localizing and recognizing in images the presence of objects belonging to a predefined set of categories, and it i...


Dictionary Learning

2 minute read

Recent successes in the use of sparse coding for many computer vision applications have triggered the attention towards the problem of how an over-complete d...

Exemplar-based Object Layout

2 minute read

Recognizing the presence of object classes in an image, or image classification, has become an increasingly important topic of interest. Equally important, h...

Transfer Learning from Multiple Sources

2 minute read

Transfer learning allows leveraging the knowledge of source domains, available a priori, to help training a classifier for a target domain, where the availab...

Aerial Video Analysis

8 minute read

In aerial video moving objects of interest are typically very small, and being able to detect them is key to enable tracking. There are detection methods tha...

People Detection

3 minute read

People detection and tracking in video are fundamental Computer Vision capabilities that still constitute a research challenge. Important difficulties are du...


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