Euclidean and Affine Registration in the Frequency Domain

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Free-form 3D surfaces registration can be made more robust by integrating the surface albedo. (Cortelazzo et al., 1998) investigates this problem in the Fourier domain and proposes a new technique that uses radial projections of the frequency domain representation of the combined range and intensity data. An interesting extension of the algorithm can be used for the estimation of 3D affine transformations. The obtained results are useful per se in applications targeted to enhancing the visual quality of the models, or can serve as a good starting point for the ICP algorithm when a higher precision is needed.


  1. ICIP
    Free-form textured surfaces registration by a frequency domaintechnique Cortelazzo, G. M., Doretto, G., and Lucchese, L. In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 1998. abstract bibTeX pdf