Gianfranco Doretto is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University. His research interests span several computer vision and machine learning areas with a focus on developing deep learning methods for biometrics, robotics, digital health, and computational neuroscience applications. Gianfranco completed a D.Eng. in Electronics Engineering with highest honors at the University of Padua in 1998, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science at UCLA in 2005. After that, he was a Lead Scientist at GE Research for more than five years and was Visiting Professor at the University of Cagliari in 2012. He pioneered research on dynamic textures, person re-identification, transfer learning and domain adaptation. Gianfranco directs the Vision and Learning Lab at WVU, and also co-founded IstoVisio Inc., the makers of syGlass, originally developed by his lab, pioneering the era of large-scale biomedical data analysis and exploration in virtual reality.