Final Project Directions
CS 674 Computational Photography

Project Due Date: Midnight on Friday, December 8, 2017

Project Proposal Due Date: Midnight on Monday, November 20, 2017

Proposal Requirements

Please provide a description of the project you intend to do. It does not need to be a lengthy proposal. I would expect something around half a page. If your project is inspired by a paper please refer to it. Please provide the starting point, which means all the resources you already have (e.g. source code and data), and describe what is it that you need to add to achieve your goals. If you are not going to implement a paper entirely, indicate which part you are going to take care of. I will offer recommendations as to whether you are attempting to do too much or too little. As a rule of thumb, I would expect that for a one-person-project, the level of effort should be around twice as much as the level of effort of one assignment.

Project Requirements

You are required to chose a topic and develop a project based on it. The general way to do so is to pick a paper that you are interested in, and develop your proposal based on it. You could chose among the papers we covered or mentioned in class. You could use a paper in the current reading list, you could also look trough the reading lists of similar classes in Computational Photography taught at other institutions, or you could look for papers on your own in the computer graphics, computational photography, and computer vision conferences. You can also get inspiration from the final projects from computational photography classes of previous years in other institutions. As stated above, if a paper is very rich, you may want to implement only portions of it, or a simplified version. If you want, you can also expand one of the assignments you already did, but you need to show that you can make extensive improvements.

A good strategy to propose something compelling is to apply ideas developed in class or from a computational photography paper of your choice, to your own research (provided that it is not done in a trivial way). You could also compare different approaches (for instance one approach developed in one of the assignments with another one). You could develop your own extensions to a paper.

The projects can be either individual or you can form teams of two. Obviously a team of two is expected to make double the effort. Teams of two are strongly encouraged!

Final Project Presentation

You are required to prepare a project webpage. However, your writeup is expected to be more extensive. It should describe the general approach, what you have done, show success cases, failure cases, give reasons for failure / success, explain the new ideas / extensions you have come up with.


You should deliver the project proposal to me via email as noted above by November 20.

You should deliver the project package by December 8.

The project will be graded out of 100 points. There will be no extra points since you are defining the specifications of your project. Obviously, the more work you do and the highest the likelihood to secure an A.

To turn in your assignment, you will need to deliver a zipped file (Use these guidelines to deliver your files) containing the following:

[65 points] Code: Please supply all the code and data you used to generate your results, along with a README file to allow me to test it out.

[35 points] Web: Create a final project page to showcase your results. By now you are an expert and do not need suggestions!

Project idea examples